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15 Oct 10:00 AM
Until 15 Oct, 01:30 PM 3h 30m

2023 MYSL Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

place Mississauga City Center 300 City Centre Dr 12th floor, Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1 expand_more
Organized by arrow_forward_ios MYSL

You’re invited!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 15th, as we host our Volunteers Appreciation Event. This special occasion is dedicated to expressing our recognition and gratitude for your dedication. We are looking forward to commemorating this day with all our volunteers and supporters.

**This event is for volunteers of MYSL only. We apologize for the inconvenience, Guests are not included in our event**

49 confirmed so far.
01 chevron_right Arib Ashhar
02 chevron_right Ivan Golac
03 chevron_right Mohamed Awad
04 chevron_right Abdul Raheem
05 chevron_right Omar Mohammed
06 chevron_right Zainab Yousuf
07 chevron_right Farah Moosa
08 chevron_right Ahmed Hussain
09 chevron_right Abdul Rahman Shahin
10 chevron_right Mouna Dilmi
11 chevron_right Mahmood Naji
12 chevron_right MUSTAFA FAKHRI
13 chevron_right Allaeba Elahi
14 chevron_right Farzana Talib
15 chevron_right Imran Ali
16 chevron_right Haitham Samy
17 chevron_right MIQDAD KHALFAN
18 chevron_right Fawaaz Kamali Siddiqui
19 chevron_right Amina Dilmi
20 chevron_right Omar Nabil
21 chevron_right Mohsan Attique
22 chevron_right Umer Yousuf
23 chevron_right Mohamed Salah Mahmoud
24 chevron_right Fabiha K. Siddiqui
25 chevron_right Maryam Jubran
26 chevron_right Jamie Gilhooley
27 chevron_right David La Pegna
28 chevron_right Aleena Basit
29 chevron_right Ruqaya Khedr
30 chevron_right Maliha Zubair
31 chevron_right Noor Syed
32 chevron_right Gauhar Zubair
33 chevron_right Mohammed Al-Oda
34 chevron_right Omar Shahin
35 chevron_right Mohammed shoaib
36 chevron_right Abdullah Aloda
37 chevron_right M I
38 chevron_right Graeme Melvin
39 chevron_right Irfan Khalil
40 chevron_right Walid Omar
41 chevron_right Manahil Elahi
42 chevron_right Nooman Khan
43 chevron_right Asif Mohammed
44 chevron_right Tausif Sabir
45 chevron_right hassan murtaza
46 chevron_right Noor Arsh
47 chevron_right Hossam Khedr
48 chevron_right Hiba Ahmed
49 chevron_right samira sherif
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