Community based soccer program that includes modified drills to develop skills and games for youth with disabilities.

The program will run by MYSL (Muslim Youth Soccer League) volunteers in partnership with DEEN Support Services

The program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to everyone in the community, who has a developmental or physical disability.

We acknowledge that every player is unique, and our coaches will be trained to modify the game rules according to the abilities of the participants

The program will run all year around with 3 defined seasons, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each season will have 6-8 sessions/games. Each session is one hour. The Summer season will be played outdoors.

The first phase will use community funds raised with the help of DEEN Support Services

Target start early 2018, with a launch on December 2017

Program format:

  • Registration will be done by MYSL following the same process as the MYSL house league
  • Players are placed according to ability not age
  • One hour each group, managed by MYSL volunteers, will have training and game
  • Season starts January, May, and October for 6-8 weeks, weekly games
  • Playing rules are flexible to align with groups abilities
  • We will do our best to follow same age groups in MYSL, i.e. U6, U8, U10 etc
  • Games will be designed on the spot. i.e. 3V3, 4V4 etc
  • Games are designed to be very simple and fun for all, parents are encouraged to be involved


  •  MYSL will work with DEEN support services to make sure that the program is affordable for everyone. This could include fundraising and having it free for all, or have a very affordable “pay as you like” program

Next Steps:

  • Work closely with DEEN support services to reach out to families
  • Identify accessible facilities in the community
  • Reach out to community leaders for support
  • Advertise in local community centers
  • Create and manage a launch event (December 2017 time frame)*​
  • Create a Social Media page dedicated to the program

Future growth:

  1. – Start similar programs in multiple locations
  2. – Contact Canada Special Olympics for support
  3. – Request funding from large charities to expand the program

Launch Program

  • DEEN to manage a fundraising event including Imams in the community
  • A game of soccer on December 17th 2017 to kick start the program and to fundraise for the expenses
  • Create a social media event and fundraising platform for the event
  • Recruit for volunteers online and during the event